Shalom and welcome to Lucia Lior!

For the first sixteen years of my adult life I worked in a fancy bank in Milan, followed by a couple of very transformative years that enabled me to envision and embrace my very own call, my purpose. I let my hands speak and freely express themselves among various arts; sculpture, painting, tailoring and the physical touch. As my mentor Anna Pozzi, my Shatsuka (Shatsu-Do therapist), would say to me, it turned out massage was my vocation and I specialised in Ayurveda and ayurvedic massage.

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One day, during a session, I imagined that I could evoke through a garment the same natural touch, the same confidence of the body in the hands that caressed it. The life, the vigour and vibrance that a massage restores to a person, might also be given through our second skin. I went on with my work and trained in fashion design, living in Milan until 2011; I studied at West London Synagogue of British Jews living in London until 2015. I was always dreaming of gathering every aspect of my multifaceted project of communication on beauty and wellbeing in one unique workshop and centre of learning.
That I recently realised in Modena, where I was born. In the heart of the old city, I design unique notions for unique people. The relaxing succour of a textile that is woven, cut and sewn with love, the elegance of a garment that covers your body with light and empowers your personality, the colourful, tactile purifying presence of an object of art in your environment, the nurturing joy conveyed by a religious accessory. My promise is your sense of marvel for life. That is joy.